Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Miscellaneous Thoughts...

Forgive me in advance.

Yesterday I caught the latest cold virus flying around the metropolis of Fort Wayne. For several days I've been priding myself on the fact that perhaps I was the only cold-resistant species in the tri-state area as both Tess and Brynn (my step-daughters) my father, and my mother (who are divorced and never see each other), and numerous office colleagues have all been infected and lo and behold I, mutant being that I am, have not. Perhaps, I have been...the carrier. I got all excited and decided that, indeed, perhaps I was the anointed one...the missing link. And then it started with a sneeze. Damn.

One of my colleagues said to me today, "Christen, this isn't one of those colds that comes on like a freight train and gets away fast. This is one of those colds that comes on like one of those coal trains that gets stopped on the tracks during rush hour." Well, double damn. To ward off mutant germs, I decided to have some extra-hot chipolte salsa with my supper.

So...when one doesn't feel like they have all that incredibly much to say (and I'll blame that on the snot cramming up my head...), one often resorts to internet blog shortcuts...or gimmicks. Here's one I saw today...and will make writing a little more is (ta-da) the ABC's of Me.

  • Admiring: The fact that Maisie, the miniature dachshund hasn't peed on the floor in over a week (I know, I know, she's three years old and she should be trained by sue me. She's cute. That's her schtick. She's cute. And she's German. So, she's zehr cute.
  • Beating Myself Up About: Not enough green vegetables.
  • Crying Over: Katrina, and her wily ways.
  • Daydreaming About: Unseating my husband in his Snood victories.
  • Excited Because: Autumn is finally arriving. I hate this @%#$ heat.
  • Frustrated Because: Aforementioned cold.
  • Grumpy Because: See above.
  • Hate-filled and Seething Over: The current administration.
  • Indignant Because: There are those who would still re-elect above.
  • Just shoot me now because: ... Uh-oh, I don't have an answer here. Please, don't shoot me. I work with Hospice patients. I don't want to die....
  • Kidding myself regarding... Whether I'll get the "real scoop" on what happened at the 7th grade dance tonight when T. gets home...
  • Listening to... My sweet dog snore.
  • Mooning Over... I always moon over my hermit of a husband...
  • Need... Some vegetarian refried beans.
  • Obsessing Over... Fertility rites and passages. Ovulation predictor kits. Yadda, yadda, yadda...
  • Praying... For this great big world and all in it...(how's that for a pat answer?)
  • Questioning... Why my college roommate became such a rigid Christian and decided to write me out of her life.
  • Reading... The Position by Meg Wolitzer
  • Singing... "WAR...What is it good for, absolutely nothing say it again..."
  • Trying... To remember to re-stock the toilet paper in the bathroom before a catastrophe happens...
  • Unnerved By... High school stud boys driving muscle cars who cut me off in traffic. Why? I don't know. I just don't know...
  • <>Vexed About... Haven't we already covered this?<>
  • The X post has mysteriously disappeared...but what I typed was...and I'm serious here..."There is no X post as clear channel has elminated it in its ultimate desire to purify your computer." But, really, for some reason it did get deleted from my blog in my inept computer typetitude...
  • Yawning over... Rush Limbaugh's rantings and gruntings.
  • ZZZZ... WHAT?!? This is how an ABC questionaire ends? Who wrote this? What 13-year-old weblogger made this up after cheerleading practice?
Alright...the party has ended and it's really time for me to be seduced by the siren's call of Nyquil now. It's been fun. Send me your own ABC's...I worry that no one ever reads of me (except my loyal therapist who tries to figure out the neuroses that is me...thanks again, John. You da man).

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