Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Why the Kid Will Be an Insomniac

Conversation in the P-M household this week.

C: (Poking at her ever-expanding belly) Wake up, baby. You haven't moved in 20 minutes. (Poke, poke, poke--walks into R.'s office where he is busy working at his computer). I think the baby is dead. He's not moving. Quick, talk about something that makes your voice rise, get riled up about something, he always moves when he hears your deep voice.
R: (With a calm look on his face as he turns from the computer screen) I can't get riled up over nothing.
C: What about the Patriot Act? Loss of free speech? C'mon...that stuff can really make you mad if you let it.
R: (Gently speaking) Christen, let the kid sleep. He's just sleepy.
C: I hate sleeping babies.

I have a sense I'll regret that last statement in about six months.


Cathy said...

Yes, I do believe you might regret that last statement!

My third child was the quietest in utero of the three children I had. These were the years when ultrasounds were new and not done with every pregnancy. I was so worried she didn't have any legs because she hardly kicked. All movements were very gentle. At age 22, she remains the most calm and quiet of my kids.

Revem said...

Next time you feel inclined to make that last stament again, promise me you will put a hand on each side of your belly to cover your babies ears.

That's not a statement you ever want a baby to know lol!

Having said that, my 2nd baby was much less active than the first inutero, and subsequently endured much more poking and prodding from me.