Saturday, March 03, 2007

Random Factoids of Little Significance to the Rest of the World

Pregnancy seems to have sucked all the creative energy out of me. What can I say? My body is probably busy perfecting a spleen or putting the finishing touches on some fingernails. Apparently my creative energy is being exerted in other directions at the moment. I'm sure Grayson will thank me later for putting attention there. So, here are a few random factoids which probably matter very little to any of you, but which reassure me that, indeed, I have been posting to my blog.
  • The stray cats outside now are all named. I chose a mystic theme and choose to call the yellow and white one Hildegard of Bingen, who suns herself regularly near the pine tree and thus seems to lean toward the aforementioned mystic's joy of viriditas. The tiger has been named Julian of Norwich, just because I have an icon of Julian holding a tiger cat, and the little gray girl I have named Mechtild of Magdeburg. I have a hunch that there's a fourth tiger too, but I'm plain out of female mystics, so if anyone has any wisdom here, please say the word so the last isn't nameless.
  • My parents came this afternoon to see the nursery and celebrate my step-mother's birthday and they surprised us with over 1000 diapers! Really! 1000 diapers! How amazing is that? Seems that since I announced my pregnancy, they have been squirreling away diapers, thus creating a dearth of diapers for other babies in the tri-state area. And now, they (the diapers, not my parents) are happily ensconced in Grayson's nursery simply awaiting their audition as worthy poop-catchers. Do you have any idea how much space it takes to store over 1000 diapers!? How high the tower is that all these plastic bundles can grow? They are giving R.'s DVD collection a run for the money.
  • I now waddle. Enough said.
  • Jim the Father and I are finishing a book on caregiving. Actually, Jim the Father is writing the book and I read it and say, "Yep, that's right on," or "Nah, doesn't work," or "I dunno...what do you think?" and for this I get credit for assisting in a book's creation. The book is, as far as I'm concerned, superb. The title, however, is leaving us stymied and I find that I become, well, irreverent and not-so-helpful in creative ideas when stymied (remember I am creating a new life here, so I cannot be blamed for my lack of creative powers). Some titles which should probably be vetoed, and for which R. and I will probably burn in hell for after throwing out lots of ideas: "They Wiped Your Butt, Now You Can Wipe Theirs: 12 Encouraging Truths for Caregivers" and "Sucks for You: 12 Thoughts on Why Your Life is Now at the Command of Another" and "When Caregiving Calls, It Might Be Best to Allow the Answering Machine to Pick Up." Burning in hell, I say. I will burn in hell.
  • My belly button is still an innie. The fact that this makes me proud is something which should concern all of us.
And, that's all I've got, friends. Perhaps just for fun I'll post last week's sermon and you'll realize that I do indeed ponder some deep things...Over and out.


mid-life rookie said...

A wonderful treasury of observations. 1000 diapers, wow! That goes to show what can happen when you have 9 months notice that a baby is on the way rather than 24 hours. We bought clothes to bring him home on the way to pick him up. Honest!

kris said...
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kris said...

Your book titles would merely land you in Purgatory... For the truly hell-bound...

"Before You Break a Hip: 12 Things You Should Know About Caregiving"

"Caregiving: 12 Essential Tips to Ensure You're Included in the Will"

Or another option with a similar theme-

"Old People Are Blank Checks: Why You Should Put The 'Care' In 'Caregiver'"

Wish I could be there to brainstorm with you both. Glad to read that everything is going okay.


Ken said...

How about Theresa of Avilia? That poor cat must have a name!

Shannon said...

Margery of Kempe--mystic-housewife Perfect for that cat with no name.

I think Clare of Assisi had cats in the monastery as well.


ps. May you know many blessings and mercies in the coming weeks!