Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Top Ten Indicators That One is Merely Taking Feminist Theology as a Gen-Ed Credit

10. Asks that professor refer to him by his "Pimp Name."
9. Uses Powerpoint Presentation with picture of Asian woman on cover of Playboy magazine to demonstrate Asian feminist theology and then becomes indignant when professor asks, "And how does this reflect the ideas of Asian theologians?"
8. Claims in the class roundtable introduction that he is taking the course because, "I like girls."
7. Uses final paper as a chance to give winning Mary Kay cosmetics pitch because "women have
power when they look pretty." And recommends professor use more moisturizer now that she is of "a certain age."
6. Pulls Victoria's Secret bra out of important end of semester "Bra Burning Finale."
5. Refuses to take part in top secret ritual involving breast milk.
4. Believes professor is not God/ess incarnate.
3. Refuses to say password "Menstrual Blood" at door to A210 each week.
2. Begins each journal entry with, "I hated this reading, and believe that Jesus Christ is Lord of
Heaven and Earth and this class is heresy, however, I will do my assignment and so..."
before writing critical summary of readings.

And the number one indicator that one is merely taking Feminist Theology for a Gen-Ed Credit:
1. Prefers that the final exam be a touch football game in which half the students are Christians
and half pagans.


B Hip said...

Loved this. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

I loved this Christen, thanks for posting it.


Contemplative Chaplain said...


That's just because you're a femi-nazi.


Anonymous said...

Oh I know, look what you turned me into. How dare you. :P


Brethren Priestess said...

Oh dear! How much of these are from real experience?

Contemplative Chaplain said...

Sadly, five of the ten.

Contemplative Chaplain said...

Oops, I mean four of the ten. The Goddess/Incarnate thing was my Messiah Complex.