Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Heart to Heart

Interaction between Grayson and R. tonight.

G: Daddum...Daddum...Daddum...
R: (Laughing aloud [a rarity as R. isn't a big laugher]) Wow, look at you! I didn't know you could pull your pants down!

Apparently Grayson has the Miller sense of humor.

And finds mooning great fun.

Ah, that's my boy. Great-grandpa Herman would be proud.


Anonymous said...

I beg to differ. Boy-boy was facing me the whole time, smiling at his ingenuity. At no time did he turn his backside to me in the "mooning" position. Rather than showing disrespect for me, he was sharing with me a proud moment. :-) Just wanted to set the blogging record straight.

Anonymous said...

Ah yes, sorry Sweetie. I was, apparently, taking editorial license.

It was a pseudo-full frontal moment that you were privy to.

So noted.