Monday, November 28, 2005

Later, on That Same Monday Night

And, lo, she did have a good bath. And God looked at it and saw it was good.
And, lo, she did have a good cry in that bathtub. And God looked at her and wept with her.
And, lo, she did call her friend Lee. And he did reassure her and this reminded her that God acts through community.
And, lo, she did decide that if she wasn't pregnant in a year or so, she would just get another dog.

And then God laughed. God laughed really, really hard. God laughed so hard that She almost wet Her pants. And God said, "You can do that, but it'll piss R. off. And besides, you haven't been all that successful in the potty-training with the one you have. So, maybe you'd be better off if you just kept trying to have that baby."

And the woman sighed. And wiped her tears. And took her dachshund with her into the family room and watched some reality television. And the woman was comforted.


Songbird said...

Hi, Contemplative Chaplain~
You have been moved to the members list for RevGalBlogPals, but the webring info doesn't seem to be showing up on your blog, despite the fact that Ringsurf says you have the code in place. You may want to try moving it to a different location on your blog template. Please feel free to e-mail me if you need advice on doing this! Welcome!!

Sue said...

Welcome to the RevGals! I love the Monday night post and this follow-up. Great stuff!