Sunday, January 08, 2006

Lest You Think I'm Not Okay...

Perhaps my last post was a bit...well, a bit harsh.

Know that I was simply striking a "Job chord." You know...the classic "bad-stuff-happens-so-God must-have-done-it-thing." I was speaking mostly tongue-in-cheek. Never fear. I continue to believe in a God of goodness and grace and extravagant and ovewhelming love.

The sun was out today. I went for a nice long run. Robert and I are traveling to sunshine land on Sunday. There's light.

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gary j. introne said...

Yeah man, I can understand that. Oddities abound everywhere, and I think if we all tried to sum them up together we'd realize that everything is actually quite tidily taken care. Long distance vision versus myopia, or something like that.

Stay well. Breeze through it all with a fine expectation.