Saturday, January 14, 2006

On My Way to See a Big Rodent

Robert and I are packing up tonight, heading in the little car to get on the big airplane to visit the most famous rodent in America, Mickey Mouse. We'll be spending ten days having a magical time with Robert's magical students as he teaches Disney and American Culture.

So, I'll be away from the computer for a bit. Be search to check back in after January 24th for all sorts of exciting tales whilst in the mouse trap.

Be good while I'm gone, you hear?


BookishKnitster said...

Have a wonderful trip to the Disney Mecca. (Actually, I think Disneyland is the mecca.) Good luck with all those wiley students. (I know cuz I was one of them once.)

Anonymous said...

Dear Christen,

You're doin' GOOOODDDD!!! sister. I don't know how you stay out of jail and am not sure how long you WILL if you go to Disneyland. There are a few sharp edges between your world view and that of Mickey Mouse. Have a good time and remember Nietzsche's advice, "Pick your enemies with greater discretion than you pick your friends."


Appletree Rodden - Friend of All Pettits (and Stanleys too).