Friday, June 30, 2006

Favorite Comment of the Day

A woman died today. Too young, at 41. Two children at home. A kind husband.

I was paged around 1:00. I drove out immediately. We cried together. We told stories. We were thankful that she was done suffering.

The funeral home called...they suggested her husband consider clothes for her to wear in the casket. He looked helplessly at the three sisters gathered, at the two nieces, at the three Hospice personnel who were all women.

"Ladies," this young farmer said haltingly, "I think this is your arena. Everytime I bought her clothes, she'd take them back."

The women crowded around the closet, pulling out pink sweaters, and purple dresses, and green tops. Finally, one of my colleagues said, "Jim, what did you like to see her in?"

Jim paused, and said, in an awww-shucks kind of way,"Well, ladies, I'm a guy. I liked to see her in nothing!"

It was the first time we'd laughed deeply and from our bellies all afternoon.


Sally said...

so often the real things are what help us the most

see-through faith said...

both comments were SO funny. I'm glad for the gift of honest laughter!