Friday, June 09, 2006

Live From San Angelo...

...It's the Contemplative Chaplain, our roving reporter in the field.

Thanks to Vayden, the wonder-brother-in-law (who I'm convinced is hiding his superpower abilites from us mere mortals, abilities which include taming feral cats with his bare hands and prescribing pain medicine for hospice patients faster than a speeding bullet) and his trusty laptop, I have internet access in which to inform my sweet readers that, well, I may not be posting as much this week.

I am thankful, thankful for the exquisite hospitality of my sister-in-law who cooks mouth-watering food, and tolerates accomodating four houseguests for a week. I am thankful, thankful for my sweet girlies who tolerated a two day car trip with nary a quarrel. I am thankful, thankful for finally being off the @#$% Prednisone which made my mind a bad neighborhood I couldn't go in alone. And I am thankful, thankful for space from work to simply be.


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Mary Beth said...

So we were close by! My parents live in Angelo and my sister in Mertzon. I was in both places this weekend. :)