Thursday, August 17, 2006

Grumpy, Part Deux

And continuing on from yesterday's post, the one about grumpiness... Here is today's realization.

If you are the peppy activity director at a nursing home, it would be wise for you not to snap and crack your gum in such a way that it irritates the highly sensitive pregnant lady seated three feet to your right, lest she do something with that gum which would render you an identical twin to Dumb Donald in the Fat Albert cartoons. Just a thought.
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But really, for all my bitching and moaning and grumping. I am doing well. And I am utterly thankful for doing so well. I promise I'll be back to more routine bloggage soon, and won't become someone who is so utterly transfixed on her pregnancy that she forgets the rest of life. It's just for now, I'm called into a bit of a quieter place...and for some reason I feel as if I've lost any vestige of creativity I once had, so writing feels a bit laborious. God save the poor Huntington congregation which I fear are hearing some mighty shitty sermons of late.

More soon...thanks all, for your prayers and kind words. Even if I am a little testy.


"imagine the darkness in love with the light." said...

glad to hear that you are doing slightly better. and i am sure that the director diserves to have that look.

Being Made said...

Hey--you have all the reason in the world to be grumpy. You do. Go ahead and be grumpy.

One thing I found in my pregnancy was that it zapped me of creativity in a lot of ways. I was still able to write, but it didn't feel as 'spicey.' I couldn't knit. And I could only really bake the things that I was *really* craving. I think so much of us turns within (as you are describing) to wonder at the marvel going on inside of us and to focus on helping in the knitting-together of this little being inside of us that the rest of our creativity gets a little tired. You won't lose it all, and I'm sure you'll have plenty to blog about, but if it is encouraging to know that you do have another 'symptom....' well, you do!

Still praying for you and your little bean.

revabi said...

That is one of my pet peeves and it is so unprofessinal and annoying. I don't blame you.

Now for creativity, your body is busy creating a little one which is what it should. Leave the creative sermon writing to the Holy Spirit Use some old sermons if necessary for awhile, with some rewrite. Tell the Gospel stories. Use the story teller's companion to the bible. Join the llth hour party on Saturday on RGBP for some inspiration.

And keep posting.

Contemplative Chaplain said...

You're all making me weepy...thank you for your kind words. A friend of mine said this week, "Gestation is hard work...just relax." I struggle so with the being vs. the doing part of myself. I love all you wonderful revgalpal folk...