Tuesday, September 12, 2006

And If you Have a Weak Stomach...STOP Reading!

When I was a little girl, I got a terrible case of the flu after Easter one year. As is often the case when my temperature goes above 101 degrees, I began to get "a little squirrely" (as my father refers to my high temperature hallucinations )and began to believe that marshmallow peeps Easter bunnies and duckies were chasing me. To this day, I shudder when I see marshmallow peeps reappear in March or April in the grocery stores. I am haunted by the yellow and pink marshmallow creatures. Which I vomited day and night in the spring of 1978.

To that end, it now appears that I will be haunted to the end of my days by the following items:
Golden Grahams cereal, lime jello with pears, peanut butter toast, Ginger ale, Zesta saltines, and assorted other foods.

In the last week, I have tossed my cookies more than I have in the past twenty years. On top of which, I have a nasty virus, a temperature, a sniffly nose, aches, chills, and other related symptoms. I have been out of work for too many days to count and am living in fear of being fired, or worse for this people-pleaser, not believed.

I simply want my health back, even if it is just for long enough to feel like less of a burden to my sweet husband who has been patiently catering to my every whim. He is a Mensch.

My doctor prescribed an anti-nausea drug which seems to keep the pukes at bay, but which also seems to keep my ability to stay awake at bay...but for now, it's a welcome relief.


cpugh said...

Ahhh... the silence explained. It IS hard to type with you head in the can!
Hang in there...

Cathy said...

I have been right where you are right now. I couldn't stand the thought or smell of any ground beef. The smell of tea brewing would head me to throw up. I was soooo nauseated.. it was hard to function. It may not help to hear "this too shall pass", but it will! BTW, I am fine with tea and ground beef.