Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Is it just me?

Highlighted below is the exact wording of a photo caption on the Church of the Brethren's Annual Conference website...the photo actually isn't all that important unless your kid is in it...imagine cute Brethren (i.e. they wear T-shirts with politically correct slogans on them and there is a markedly Caucasian ethnic undercurrent) kids around a table.

But we wonder why the CoB fails to attract younger people and our church isn't growing?!?

"Youngsters had fun engaging the central scripture of Gather 'Round, the new Sunday school curriculum from Brethren Press, by applying temporary tatoos of the Shema."

I mean, temporary tattoos...good idea, yes? Hey, I got a packet of temporary tattoos with my Subway kid's pack recently and T., B. and I sported them proudly (of course we were on the way home from a long car trip) but a temporary tattoo of the Shema? I don't get it...I mean, isn't that antithetical to the Jewish idea of idolatry?

Look out Des Moines...they'll be errant youth searching out tattoo artists all over the area.

"Can I get a Shema permanent tattoo?"
"What? I dunno, but if you meant 'Shamu,' I got a good whale right here..."


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