Thursday, July 13, 2006


Do you ever feel sorta, oh, slumpy? Sorta like the colors aren't as bright and the food doesn't taste as good? Sorta like you're just on autopilot? Sorta just, well, sorta blah. No? Really? It's just me?

I dunno. I'm in a slump. Not a big slump. Not a "I hate my life slump," not a "Oh-woe-is-me-kinda slump," not a "I wish my life were different slump." As a matter of fact, I like my life quite a lot, and life is pretty generous to me which is why the slump is so mysteriously slumpy. I firmly believe that fallow time has something to teach us, and so, I'm waiting patiently for what this fallow time has to tell. I'm sitting quietly and I'm pausing thoughtfully and I'm wondering, "Hmmm...what am I needing to learn here."

And hopefully it will yield some sort of fruit.

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Being Made said...

You are a much wiser slumper than me. ;) I have been in and out of when lately myself. I have been wise enough this time to say, "don't beat up on yourself--it will pass," but I'm still working on the "what can I learn from this?"

Anyway--I hope you are out of your slumpishness soon and that the lessons are worthwhile.