Sunday, November 19, 2006

Baby 1, Cooper 0

Lately all the pregnancy manuals (which if I were a wiser woman I might just stop reading), are talking about that euphoric moment when you feel the first kicks, those butterfly flutters that you realize aren't just gas pains, but a living being in your belly. I've been a little perplexed about this quickening, worrying some that I'm delayed, that my baby is developmentally unskilled at providing the kinds of kicks worthy of a ballet or soccer field (whichever he or she decides to flourish in, I'm rooting for tai chi myself).

At the last doctor's appointment, when the doctor smothered the Wesson oilish stuff on my belly and rubbed the Doppler machine over my already swollen stomach, we heard the quick swishing, swishing of the heartbeat, punctuated by lots of static. The doctor said, "Those are kicks you're hearing. You've got a pretty active baby in there." So, whenever I get anxious about not feeling the baby myself, I just repeat Dr. S.'s mantra, "It's an active baby in's an active baby in there..." over and over until I feel better, or imagine I feel something.

And then, yesterday morning, whilst lying in bed on my back, Cooper, the 22lb. tomcat decided to come a calling. He's learning that he can no longer pounce on my belly in a desperate attempt for some human lovin'. But, he still seems to feel the need to slowly explore with his front paws my growing belly. He'll come up next to me and with an exploratory paw get ready to navigate my middle section. Usually, it's at this point that I stop him in mid-pounce and redirect his efforts. However, yesterday morning I was a little sleepy, a little slow with the reflexes, and Cooper's paw landed a little too heavily on my belly, at which point the baby gave a resounding kick back.

So, for the record, that would be baby: 1. Cooper: 0. Let the games begin.


Cathy said...

My 3rd child seemed to take FOREVER before I felt her move - she never did the kicking like the previous two did - I was afraid she had not legs - after she was born, she was the most docile calm baby and didn't start crawling til almost 10 months. She is now 22 and has the most calm disposition. Her personality in utero continued after birth!
Go Cooper!
BTW it is RGBP delurking week and you and Cooper have been tagged!

Pink Shoes said...

The first (and many of the early) kicks that I felt resembled hiccups or feather-tickles more than kicks.... When the Kidlet was born, he was 22 inches, which explained later why wasn't quite as active -- he'd run out of room!
De-lurking, de-lurking, de-lurking!`

Chris in VA said...

You'll love these early flutterings and kickings (not so much the later ones!)
I remember sitting at my typewriter (yes, it was 21 years ago and I had a manual Royal typewriter that rquired some strong fingers) and I suddenly felt like the tap, tap, tapping of my typing was being repeated in my belly that was beginning to press up against the desk in front of me. So exciting! Enjoy.

Contemplative Chaplain said...

Wow! I love this delurking stuff. I've got to get busy leaving notes on some of the blogs I read!

Thank you wonderful readers for your support.

hipchickmamma said...

very cool! enjoy the light ones as long as you can. i loved it during my first three but on the last baby i felt as if i had a little alien in my body after about 6 months--it was a long final trimester! what a beautiful blessing!


Songbird said...

What a great story!
My first was long and slender, and I remember well how he liked to wedge his bottom against the right side of my ribcage and push. Ugh. He's almost 21 now, but the sense memory is still vivid.
Have a blessed Thanksgiving Day!