Thursday, November 23, 2006


This is a traditional Thanksgiving Day post. As trite as Thanksgiving can at times become, though, I am reminded that at least once a year we set aside a day to remember all with which we have been blessed. Years ago I gave up the "pilgrims and indians sat down and ate lots of stuff together" idea, mostly because the Trail of Tears afterward seems to cancel out any of that Hallmark card smoochiness, and I still remain a little, or rather a lot, uncomfortable with what our (meaning my white brothers and sisters) did to our native American brothers and sisters. Add to this the fact that I just really don't like turkey, or mashed potatoes, or gravy, or (gasp) pumpkin pie (but the rolls, I could make a whole meal on the rolls alone), so the specifics of the meal aren't a huge priority for me.

However, (and you knew there was a however, didn't you?), as I lay awake last night a baby kicking away in my belly thanks to that MochaJava frozen drink I requested from Borders (note to self: no more caffeine for the kid) I am especially mindful this year of all that I have to be thankful for and that makes this holiday especially poignant.

And so in the spirit of the season, here is a mere sampling of the Contemplative Chaplain's Gratitude List (in absolutely no particular order):
  • For advanced fertility treatments and the kind staff who administer them who give hope to those who may not be able to have biological children on their own "naturally."
  • For health insurance that covers a $40 anti-nausea pill for morning sickness.
  • For maternity clothes which neither cling too tightly, nor billow in the breeze.
  • For kind neighbors who make baklava for you, and other kind neighbors who volunteer to come over and move television sets for you without even knowing your first name.
  • For growing girls who are wise beyond their years but who still like to lie on the couch and tell fart jokes with their (step)parents.
  • For sweet clementines in season.
  • For parents who cry in joy when you talk about their newest grandchild, and for parents who kindly offer much-needed funding when it seems that financial burdens are too great.
  • For a husband who accomodates pregnancy cravings without mumbling, tells me "You're not fat, you're pregnant and you look fine!" and who still looks at me with eyes which light up when I walk into a room.
  • For a democratic house and senate.
  • For dachshunds whose feet smell like cornchips who burrow under the afghan near me and snore softly and sweetly while I watch movies.
  • For friends both near and far who call me when they hear I'm sick, and throw me impromptu baby showers, and drive five hours with two children under the age of three just to help us register at Babies R Us.
  • For peanut M&M's.
  • For elderly patients with wizened faces and soft hands who call me "Honey" and tell me they love me when I say goodbye.
  • For term limits on the presidency.
  • For extended family who graciously open their homes to us and cook us steaks and bake us brownies and know my favorite brand of scotch.
  • For Nature's Miracle enzymatic cleaner and cat litter deodorizer.
  • For spring hyacinths.
  • For hope.
Thank you, my sweet "blogees" for reading, for supporting me, for offering your graced presence to this delightful little amusement which gives me such joy. Happy Thanksgiving!


heidi said...

Oh sweetheart, I found your blog just before you discovered you were pregnant. And I thought, oh my, let's not scare her with old friends discovering her blog in random ways. In fact, I have no idea how I actually ran into it in the first place. But why not Thanksgiving to say "Here I am!" I do miss all my long ago, far away, beautiful inside and out friends. Congratulations today on your beautiful blessed life. so much love to you-heidi

Cathy said...

What a wonderful list of thanksgivings! I do enjoy your blog so much. I am glad they have meds that will help with the nausea as I really do remember the nausea from pregnancies and how it could stop you in your tracks. Happy thanksgiving!

LutheranChik said...

Happy Delurking, and congratulations!

Lynn said...

dearest Kiki- I am thankful for the baby that is growing within you...I look forward to seeing this baby come into the world and spoiling him?her? with Auntie Fex silliness.

"imagine the darkness in love with the light." said...

yes i love your thankgiving list. i can appericate them all but loved the one about the paients calling you honey and saying that they love you when you leave. i totaly loved that one.