Thursday, November 30, 2006

Wherein Exciting News is Announced

And so it came to pass that on November 29th at 10:30 a.m., I did waddle into the ultrasound room at Dr. S.'s office, and was accompanied by my sweet husband and not just one but two sets of grandparents, wherein we learned that, Baby P-M does indeed possess, as the technician said, "boy parts." And lo there was much weeping and laughing and all sorts of overwhelming sensations.

I still am a bit shocked, as I really was pretty convinced that it was a baby Ella rather than a baby Grayson kicking around in my belly. It is still so foreign to me that my body, my female body, my feminist-with-every-inch-of-her-being body, could create a male. I'm not sure I know how to "do boy."

And then I realize, that by creating this kind of stereotyping, this sense that boys are that much different than girls, that I am perpetuating the kind of wretched stereotyping that believes that boys care about things like monster trucks and WWF wrestling, and that girls care about things like Barbie dolls and hair salons. What kind of namby-pamby feminist is that?

I can't wait to look into the eyes of my son and see the sensitive soul that lurks within. And today, I am humbled by the chance to welcome and adore him. Advent feels very fresh this year.


Cathy said...

This is indeed exciting news - congratulations!!!

When my first was born, I couldn't imagine having a boy, but did, and he is now 29. He is a dear!

Bethiclaus said...


My BIL is convinced that Alliclaus is a girl based purely on my superpower of uber-feminism.


Contemplative Chaplain said...

Wow, Bethiclaus, you're one of my heroes! I've been reading your blog for awhile and didn't know you'd even heard of a little blogger over in Indiana like me. What an honor!

Pink Shoes said...

Congratulations and continued well wishes and prayers.

My lad is 18 months and I felt similar, but when I had to beg him to put the broom away today, I felt that everything would be just fine in the world..... until he found the swiffer.

Contemplative Chaplain said...

That's a boy! Learning the "womanly arts" of keeping a floor clean!

Chris in VA said...

Congratulations to you and welcome to Grayson. How's the throwing up part coming?